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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 18, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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event itself runs through thursday. >> >> santa claira county scheduled another gun buy back. this one scheduled for this weekend. the county collected about 1100 weapons at a buy back on march second. people here will get $100 for each handgun or, $200 for assault weapons. it's in san jose at reid hillview airport. >> >> chuck haig el wants president obama's defense strategy reevaluated. wanting to know if the assumptions underlaying the strategy is still valid in light of the budget circumstance a reduced presence in europe and a continued focus on the mideast. the pentagon is facing more than a half trillion dollars in cuts over the next decade.
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>> >> demonstrators took to the steps of san francisco city hall to call for a stop to funding cuts for hiv and aid says programs, lead by members of the group organizing for america, formed to support president obama's legislative aim. speakers urged congress to respect what they call the will of the people. >> the people of the united states made clear this last november that we value investments in our communities and in our country and that includes funding hiv prevention and care services. >> >> reporter: cording to other speakers, cuts from the sequester will result in fewer aids tests. less medicine and an increase in the spread of the disease. it will be friday before the faa reveals which small airport towers will be closed due to cuts. decisions were due today, but the government wants more time to consider letters asking that the towers remain staffed. the airports can't operate
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without tower personnel, but pilots and residents say they are worried about safety. >> is there state rail officials voted to issue $.6 billion in bonds for construction of the high speed rail ill system to connect san francisco to los angeles. the funding was approved by voters in 200. california high speed rail authority wants to have those bonds with construction to begin this summer the entire high speed rail system is not expected to be completed until 2028. >> >> big changes could be coming to the republican party as a result of mitt romney's loss in the last presidential election. there was a long report released from the republicans and what changes they say they have to make if they want to stay competitive. rob? >> reporter: many republicans are calling the 98 page report a makeover. after republican candidate mitt
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romney lost the presidential election last november, party leaders ordered an "autopsy" on what went wrong. findings were released >> we need to do a much better job of crafting our message to appeal to demographics. >> >> reporter: the report said they need to do a better job to reach out to minority voters, especially latino voters. -- . >> a member of the contra costa republican party said they should be tailored to all americans, not just a certain group of people. >> the message should be we will provide opportunities without regard to the color of your skin. >> the report your honors
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republicans to reach out to women. >> marketing politics is like marketing a product. >> >> reporter: voters in downtown walnut creek, we asked them their views on the current state of the republican party. >> the generation my children are growing up in, they have a much different view of the world and the republican party of my generation or the generation before. >> republicans are kind of maiered in the past. i'm a republican, so, i don't mind mind saying that. >> reporter: they hope to implement their strategies in time for the 2014 election. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton has endorsed gay americans. >> they are our friends, loved ones, our teachers, and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of
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citizenship. that includes marriage. >> clinton made the announcement in a video posted on you tube today. it's a change in position for the former first lady who said she opposed gay marriage during the 2008 campaign. >> >> there may be more. last week, we told you about a rare human death from rabies, new information tonight raising concerns. >> >> the fbi said they know who pulled off one of the biggest art heists in history. the mission they are now focusing on.
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>> there is new information tonight about a man from maryland that died from rabies after receiving a kidney transplant. the victim was one of four people that received organs from aviation mechanic william small. initially, it was believed that he died of a stomach virus. now, he they said he had rabies and the rabies was transferred to the transplant recipients. new information come to light in the investigation of one of the nation's biggest art thefts almost two decades ago. the took 13 works from a boston
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museum. they are valued at half a billion dollar. today, fbi and museum officials released this video showing the aftermath of the theft and here, you see the works of art themselves. they released new information on the thieves, saying they are "meet the presses" of a northeast criminal organization who took the art to connecticut and pennsylvania. there is a $5 million reward, now, they just want to find the artwork and bring it back. >> >> political unrest in the country of cypress in the grips of a full fledged banking crisis. protesters filled the streets of the capital upset that a percentage of all bank deposits would be seized. is there we believe it's a gross violation of the property rights and this is something that would happen as a precedent of every other
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european coup country. >> experts say if cypress doesn't agree to the deal, it will likely go bankrupt. thousands of food drive barrels and they are all empty. why a critical shortage for bay area food banks is coming sooner than expected. >> >> rain is up canning, you will need umbrellas, the commute will be slower. all of the details, a time line for when the rain gets here. .
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new at 5:00, a local food bank said it will be out of donated food by the end of this week. eric is live where you found it is a sign of a larger problem around the bay area. >> reporter: it is. when schools, businesses and churches hold food drives, they get a couple of these barrels to fill up. right now, thousands of empty ones are sitting in a warehouse. food that was collected during the holidays that was supposed to last a few more weeks is practically gone. stacked to the ceiling, you can't drop a donation into the barrels because they are sitting in a warehouse in oakland. what's worst, michael with the food bank said they are almost out of the donated food they do have. you said the remaining pallets will be ton in a few days. >> we saw a 20% uptick in food
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donations, which is great, but the food left our facilities two weeks faster. that's indicative of the needs in our community. >> today, we are short. you see, we have more items to put into the bag and i have like five or six items. sometimes we do as many as 40 people a day in this little shop. >> reporter: the same scene is playing out around the bay area. second harvest food bank of santa claira and san mat yo' county said the fund-raising came up $300 thousand short. >> it's like having 3,000 billboards in the community. even if they can't donate food, they are thinking about us. they might go home, make a donation online. it all helps. >> food bank officials say donated money goes further than
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donated food. they say they can turn one donated dollar into four dollars of food. >> >> mayor michael bloomberg in new york has a new proposal to keep new yorkers healthier he has sent in a proposed law to the city council to require retailers to keep tobacco products out of sight. the tobacco can only be displayed when an adult is making a purchases or restocking the mayor said this is aimed as curbing youth smoking. >> >> personal computer sales took a sharp drop in the first part of this year. market research said pc shipments have been hit by the growing popularity of tablets and cellphones. the firm is predicting a double digit drop in worldwide pc sales for the first quarter and that could effect shares of intel which produces process ors used in 0% of all proceeds.
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>> >> the trust tee over casey anthony's case wants to sell her life story to help pay off her debt. including her daughter's death and anthony's high-profile murder trial. the trust tee wants to sell it to the highest bidder. anthony owes almost $800 thousand >> the rover curiosity is having some problems scientists say there is some type of computer error. a similar malfunction stalled curiosity earlier this month. the robot is still in contact with earth and should help to resolve the problems. >> >> we are a few days away from spring. we are finally getting the rain we have been wanting. >> we want it, we need it, it is not a lot, but it's rain.
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rehaven't seen rain, significant rain in a couple of weeks. here we go, next system off shore. tick a look at it, really promising looking system. when i look at it, there is two inches of rain. most of this energy, most of the rain will end up up here, trajectory will be north. for the bay area mostly cloudy skies, we'll see a half inch of rain, we might see three- quarters of an inch. this could change, too. this system is is not going to get here until tomorrow afternoon. it wept take much, a little shift of the plume of moisture, further south. we could see significantly more rainfall. dry weather comes in the extent this is the time of year you don't get the series of storms. one shot deal. if you are going into tomorrow,
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clouds increase all day, by tomorrow, 5:00 or 6:00, we start to see showers, overnight tuesday into wednesday morning. as i mentioned, rainfall accumulations a half inch. some areas could see an inch. the forecast model would go into tomorrow morning. tuesday, for clouds, a lot of clouds, 6:00 p.m. so the afternoon commute might have a little wet on it. light rain, this isn't the main system, this isn't a lot of moisture, we'll be back here with the 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow. we'll talk about that. here we go overnight into wednesday morning where i suspect wednesday morning's commute will be the wettest. all of this moisture streaming through. it's not well organized. you can see how broken up it is. by wednesday, 1:00, showers keep going. pretty much over in the mountains, snow advisories remain in effect there. snow levels are high. this is a relatively mild
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storm. five-day forecast, showers developing, rain coming wednesday. we dry out just like that in the springtime we need it, we'll get it, but it will be 36 hours worth of wet. >> thanks, what he did that earned him a prestigious award. fighting a problematic crime -- .
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today a chp officer received national recognition for heroic acts after the shooting of his partner in alamo last year tyler carlton was given the award by the international association of the chief of polices. the officer died of his injuries, but office are carlton's effort to keep him alive made it possible for him to save the lives of others with organ donations. officer carlton said the award was bittersweet. >> >> bay area authorities trying it deter copper thieves. it appears to be working. >> we get a message the wire is being removed and it's
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literally moving. why get notification. pd gets notification and they go after it. >> >> reporter: the electronic devices, beginning to us 00 the tactic two years ago. since then, thieves are plummeted. the strategy is catching on, the city of concorde said it has spent more than a million dollar repairing and replacing copper wire since 2007, now, it is considering switching to vallejo's method. >> >> we look for easy wins. we have even try placing large boulders on tops of these boxes so you can't access them. >> copper wiring is worth $4 a pound. >> some schools of copper are
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worth more than 1,000 making it a felony to steal them. >> >> electronic arts chief executive officer is stepping down. in a lear filed to the securities exchange commission, he said "ea's shareholders and employees expect better and i'm accountable." during his six year tenure, he has seen a 60% drop in the stock price. coming up in two minutes, the bay area city that has seen an explosion in graffiti. we'll show you some of the hard hit areas and so you what one city official thinks need to be done to fix the problem. >> >> proposed plan aimed at helping people find cabs faster by using their phones. .
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good evening, everyone, i'm frank summerville. >> >> and i'm julie hahner. >> neighbors have seen an explosion of graffiti. new at 6:00, ken pritchard is live to show us how a problem
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that has long been in place is worst now. >> reporter: if you ever drove this stretch of the interstate, you may wonder how vandals get this close. all you have to do is open up the gate and there is the concrete barrier between thent state and the buildings getting tagged. it is certainly not safe, but apparently good enough for vandal. you will see this graffiti along a0 everywhere. >> this is tagged, go north on incompetent state 80, you will see graffiti whichever way your head turns. businesses, delivery trucks, downtown, not even murals are spared from the vandal's mark. >> definitely got a lot worst is what you could say. >> tony lives in an area called jingletown. >> as far as the neighborhood go, yeah, it has gotten a
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little out of hand. they are starting to spray pain the curbs now. we even added a joke that we saw an abandoned couch got spray painted. >> reporter: he lives between interstate 80 with only two city crews designated for cleanup, tony says the vandals are easy to spot. >> our window overlooks the railroad tracks, so some guys get as are as far as actually bringing in six foot ladders with them when they go out and do their work. >> we are at the 23rd avenue and 0 interchange, if you take it all the way north to oakland, you will find graffiti almost the whole way there
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>> we connecticut tacted cal- tran, but we did not receive a note back. >> >> a graffiti artist is dead after falling over the weekend. a street sweeper found his body. he was convicted in 2009 and 2011. >> oakland police department is changing the way it fights crime and the chief said the new policing model is depending on community involvement. the goal is for the department to work directly with the community, oakland will be divided into five districts and a cap opinion will be responsible for each one and they will interact with neighborhood advisory committees, something oakland residents seem open to try. >> not trusting people like they used to. >> oakland police sa